About Solar Hub


In June 2016, with financial support from the UK Government’s Prosperity Fund, Dragon Capital (DC) and Energy Conservation Center (ECC) launched the Solar Hub Initiative to provide technical supports, measure solar radiance resources, and evaluate financial viability of selected rooftop solar projects in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces. The Program conducts pre-feasibility studies for commercial and industrial businesses, with the total capacity of 12,800kWp, which will help to reduce approximately 9,800 tons CO2e emissions per year. Solar Hub will continue conducting pre-FS for interested businesses as well as providing technical supports during the implementation and construction of the projects in the future.

Since the introduction, Solar Hub receives enthusiastic responses from commercial businesses wishing to install solar PV systems to achieve their corporate social commitments and reduce energy cost. It is preparing to introduce a website to provide information on the supporting mechanisms and other technical aspects of solar power to investors, businesses, and the public, interested in sustainable investment.